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Spicy Chicken Masala

Chicken masala is one of the most simple, home style Indian chicken recipe. This chicken masala goes great with rice, roti, naan or paratha. Chicken masala can be made to a dry, semi dry or a gravy dish. I have made it to a semi dry dish, if you prefer a dry dish then just evaporate all the moisture (water) until the masala clings on to the chicken well. Please do remember the 2 main steps to make a yummy and delicious chicken masala. Slow cooking yields chicken that is flavourful, juicy and tender.


1] 2 kg CHICKEN (bone-in/boneless)
2] 2 tsp red chili powder
4] 1 tsp chicken masala powder
5] 2 tsp turmeric
7] 4 tsp Salt or as needed
8] 2 tbsps curd or yogurt (optional)
9] 2 tsp of oil.
10] Cloves, cinnamon,bay leaves, pepper, sesame seeds dry red chillies. { Dry roast and grind to get fine powder}.

Other ingredients { Grind & make paste}

1 Onion and 1 tomato each, Handful mint or pudina leaves Fresh ginger and garlic and coriander leaves to make a cup of puree.


1] Clean and wash chicken well. Drain completely with no excess water.

2] Marinate with turmeric, red chilli powder, salt, chicken masala or garam

3] Cover & set aside for about 45 mins to 1 hour. It can also be left overnight in the refrigerator.

4] Heat oil in a pan or pot. Saute cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms and bay leaf in hot oil for a min.You can also add curry leaves if required.

5] Next add in the marinated chicken and cook for 5 mins with low flame. close the lid of vessel for better results.

6] Add a pinch of salt and saute till the raw smell goes off with low flame.

7] Pour the puree {Onion and tomato puree}. Stir and mix well. Then add salt, red chili powder and garam masala and the mixture of dry roasted Powder as well. Saute this very well until the mixture begins to seperate from chicken.

8] Turn the flame to completely low and cook with covered lid for 5 mins. Add coriander leaves or mint leaves and give a stir. Cover the pan again and continue to cook on a low heat until chicken is completely cooked to soft and tender. Now add 1tsp of yogurt or fresh cream and stir well.

Chicken masala is ready to serve with steamed rice, roti, sliced onion wedges and lemon.

After you have started ruling my world.. ❤

After you have started ruling my world, Every day is the first day of spring for me.. OooooOoo baby.. My heart brings a new song to sing everyday, and I am singing with all the joy of my new born heart.

After you have started ruling my world, OooooOoo baby.. I am as free as a humming bird, Every moment is a warmest moment being spent, Take my word we will treasure each day that’ll occur. My world is a beautiful place now, Where we will weave our wonderful dreams. My world is wearing a smile on its face, Like the man in the moon has.. when the moon beams!!

OooooOoo baby.. After you have started ruling my world ❤


Rishton ka time.. ❤

Meeting old friends is always a blissful feeling. Cherishing the memories of best times spent together in the past. This is the feeling that I was craving from a long time. School times give us best friends of our life, as friendship is not conditional, does not depend on any selfish base. Me & Nayana meeting again after being lost for a long time in altogether a different and difficult world, is like meeting our roots, our innocence, a real you, which one forget often while struggling hard with life.

We were not only meeting each other after long but also were introducing our love lives too. We were little worried, As we wanted to be comfortable enough to open up and be ourselves and that’s what happened!! I know it will sound little filmy as if in 70’s movie but that’s what happened. Me and Nayana were waiting for Mayur (Nayana’s Prince Charming) & Shruti (My Princess). The moment we all met, we exchanged looks, Ahh that moment,, I wanted to hug my baby, lift her in my arms and kiss her hard.. I wanted to shout out loud how much I was missing her all these days. I am sure Mayur and Nayana were going thru the same desperation too. But we introduced ourselves with a very warming gesture… Yes we were bashful.                    

We chatted for long and got connected instantly as there was not any time gap at all. Walking.. holding each others hands, staring at each other with a blushing smiles, it was all heaven on earth for us. The girls crave for ice cream and Pizza was a cherry on top as we sat close together, enjoying the best moments of our lives.. Smiling and making fun of each others. 

Stealing the world’s attention and holding each others hand under the tables.. Looking at each other and controlling the desperation of our exotic love.. Those eye contacts which were reciting the phrases of intimacy.. Oh my my..❤❤

Our conversation brought back all those school memories back which we will always cherish. I believe these incidences and memories boosts us and give us one of the reasons to smile and live. Nostalgic is just a word, but the feeling we all got, just can’t express. And can say we had so much to catch up on! It was a day which will be added to my book of memories. It was like old golden days are back. It was one of those days marked in our diary as unforgettable ones.

Our separation for now is an illusion, we will always be together eternally. We all together are one in spirit and let’s tune into our energy and promise ourselves to be there for each other when we need each other 🙌🙌



Heavenly dreams.. 💞

Let me stroke you tender, along every single inch. Lick and carress you, Baby, that’s it. Let’s get lost in this sensous haze. Sexy feelings that keeps us dazed. Moving in rhtymn, neither of us can speak. Until after we hit that incredible peak. Let’s pant in satisfaction, both blown away, by the fire we generate, like a match hitting hay. Together, we will generate something so good. When our eyes first met, I understood.

You are my HEAVEN, I said, Let me look deep in your eyes. For what I want to see there what I feel inside. We share something between us, Neither one of us can hide. Let your lips touch mine & I loose all my control.

When I see your hands on my skin, I want and need you to tell me to do more to you, The passionate look you give me, Tells me heaven is in store. I look deep in your eyes, & I see heaven there inside, You make me feel so beautiful, What I feel for you I cannot hide. She finally uttered to the strokes of my love.. “Lay me down, Love me more, Do you have the energy, cause I got all day”. Lead me where you want us to go, I’m ready and willing, let’s take it slow, she said… in the sweet pain of my sensual strokes!!

You are the sweetheart of my life, you are my one sure bet. You never have to wonder babe . . . I can always keep you wet.. I murmured in her ears.. The dew drop of honey on her lips, crawling down her throat… Ahh yes this is the heaven. As I lay cozy, all snug in my bed, Until I hear ruckus beside my bed. It’s my 5:00 alarm!
I quickly want to silent you, you annoying alarm & let me carry on my dreams of heaven. Ah baby, I was thinking of us last night. And the times we shared. How good we were, But now we are apart, Yet we still have our dreams for in our dreams we are together. Holding hand in hand.

Talking all night under the silver moon, Kissing and holding each other tight. For no matter the distance or the obstacle you will always belong to me, For we are meant for each other, not only in reality, but also in our dreams.


A Divine Dessert of her Love…! 

The sweet taste of love still lingers in my mind, oh it was a treasure worth its find. 

Amazing are my thoughts about her, As I lay with her in the morning.. With each primal thrust filled with passion, moans and lust, we did the divine dance of our lust. We took our time, forever we started exploring, Our hands tracing every dip, She enjoyed my fingers as they slid her tongue, covering her body tip to tip.

She was lying on my front, all lovely curves and dips.  In characters and places. I kiss her, in love, in worship, in pure adoration. Her tongue reminds me of her hidden depths, her secret pulses.

I stretch out my hand to reach past her buttocks And touch her between the legs. She grows wet & continues to sigh as I kiss her. I suck on her breasts, toying with her nipples, Relishing them as they swell under my tongue.  

I put my hands on her hips, kiss her belly & finally slip my tongue Into the divine wetness of her pussy, Gently working her clitoris, arousing her carefully, “She was filled with nectar full of sweets…  as honey, A syrup of flowing silk, Like a bubbly kind of lava, as smooth as warm clear milk”.

Moving with the waves of her body, carried on the breeze of her moaning. She feels so good when I enter her.  She can’t help but cry out in pleasure. As I move within her, growing harder filling her mouth with more kisses. I love the way she holds her hips beneath me, so I can go deeper.. deeper into her.

She cries out louder, her body starts speaking, She wants me, faster, harder.. Her hands gripping my bum, Her moans rolling out over. We move together in ecstasy. I come inside her, a burst of sensation. So sweet, so wonderful, so special. I kiss the velvet of her closed eyes. I tell her that I love her. I feel the mix of my semen and her wetness & hold her tight, praying she won’t leave me.

❝ A dessert at its very best.                                   When embraced with lots of love.                       I know I’ll never get enough again.                       of this treat.. I’m thinking of…❞



“Radhe – Shyam”.. Not just a fairy tale!! 

This is not just a painting. This is an emotion of two loving souls. A million emotions untold in a single art. Their love ♡ was destined, a love story made in heaven. Our ancestors named them “Radhe Shyaam”. And each and every loving souls/couples on this mother universe see themselves in this art as their own intimate journey of love in this modern world too. It sounds strange to see so much sensuality and trust in between them for each other in their first meet who have never met or seen each other before. But  when their eyes met, nothing in this world could stop them both for not wanting each other till eternity. The love he holds in his heart is of epic proportions when it comes to her. 

He holds her securely. His heart breaking as her tears fell for such a mesmerising comfort which she craved. He didn’t know how to make things better in the moment. He smiles and holds her. He closes his eyes just enjoying the moment. A soft little smile appear on her face as she buries her face on his shoulder. “That’s good…I don’t want to be alone”… She murmured!! He smiles and just holds her tighter knowing only that he loves her a lot and just want to hold her for dear life. “I love you”.. He said!! 

He admires her beauty and his inner soul speaks.. 

“Avala aa mogginna manasu.. Aa mungurula nota.. Avala manadalliro aa utsaaha mattu umanga.. Muttu chelluvante avala aa madhuravaada nagu.. Navilante nalitiruva avala aa Manasu.. Mussanjeya tili tampalli chandranate holiuttiruva avala aa mukhwdalliruva aananda.. Jenu goodante Sihi avala tutigalu.. Aa rambhe uurvashi mattu apsareyaru naachuvante maaduva Ivala sundarate.. Ide swarga”

Her smiles rises as she heard his words and wraps her arms around his neck. Enjoying his hold on her.” I love you too. I love you till the end..” She loves him eternally too as well as she didn’t want to let him go.

Oh my my… This is just a marvelous art by a extraordinary soul with all the love he has for her. Yes just a painting!! 



Blissful fantasies.. 💘

[A fiction]

It was beautiful night, cool breezes with the moon shining down from the window pane, All alone with the queen of my heart in my arms, touching her skin.. soft and slippery, with the hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, as the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, to abandon all of our uncertainties. I began my work on her lips, probing gently as if drawing sex, from a deep well of longing and need. Our heated tongues met in the midst, of hot and quickening breath. 

Greedily we drank the wine of our lusts. Intoxicated with those spirits, our clothes found resting place on the floor, piece by piece. Until there were no hiding places for the two glistening and wanting bodies. Our hunger revealed in that hot moment. Skin meshed with skin, as the floor became the stage. I moved on top of her easily, and lowered myself gently. Kissing her as I was filled with her.

As a gasp broke our kiss, my hands stroked the stray strands away from her forehead, to become entangled. Our slow rhythm gave way, to urgent and demanding thrusts of passion. As I arched my body for her comfort, & she threw me into ecstasy. With the strength of my blows I left her screaming and soaked. 

In an oblivion again and again she growled my name from the back of her throat. Our bodies demanded more, each giving to the other, I grasped, then released her, In effort to relieve myself in her control. The taste of her skin between my lips, was like no other. To hear her cry for mercy, when my teeth met her warm skin, was more breathtaking than she knew. Yet I still released the control to her, as she wound her hands in my hairs, & pulled until the flesh on my neck was taut. I moved with one final and breaking blow forcing our way to the peaks of bliss. Leaving our screams to echo on like battle cries. 

I welcomed the weight of her to crush me, As she collapsed on top of me, still hot and burning, And she glowing like an ember, casting a welcome light. 

“Should you seek my gifts again – I asked”… Rested she in my arms with peace. 


Oh my, where did I fail in showering my love?

​She uttered words of disrespect for me, there was no more love left. It was her insecurities  and lack of trust that spoke. No patience left. 

I stood stumbling and fumbling re-thinking on the lost words. Which failed to phrase a sentence, on the words she flicked. Oh my, where did I fail in showering my love?

Gulping the pain with tears, of the fresh scar,  engraved on my heart. She left saying good bye. As I still await to express my anguish,  devastated with falsified accusations – I am not a coward, I never made fake promises. I never lied. I am just a victim of unfortunate circumstance. She knew it, I never hid.  Oh my, where did I fail in showering my love?

I Stood alone and broken, yet dusting of the insults. I started thinking again – She can always look at me and know I never wavered in my feelings for her.

I never stopped loving her despite the curve balls that were thrown my way. I never once wavered on her hard days. I never stopped believing in her as the greatest woman who ever entered into my life. 

I loved her when it was hard, when anyone else would’ve questioned about her. I loved her without question on some damn hard days. And I just loved her for being herself. Just because she made me the richest man in the world. Oh my, where did I fail in showering my love?

I know she had got scars on her skin and bruises on her heart, & who else could know it better than me, and of all the things she told me, I guess this is the only one she didn’t chose tell –

My love became her strength, Her insecurities broke me in smithereens. 

Oh my, where did I fail in showering my love?



An eternal memory until we meet again..♡

[A fiction]

She standing on her toes, hugged me.. Listening my heartbeats. A quick shower it was.. I pulled her from the shower cubicle, naked, dripping water onto the tiles, water over her gorgeous curves did trickle, hard to resist.

Her slippery flesh, pressing against mine, fullness of soft breasts squashed against my hard wounded chest, our mouths met , as our squirming tongues met, 

our wet bodies, sliding upon each other, fever of our passion, rising in sync, in the urgent way our tongues did slither..

Spinning her round, bending her at the waist, my hands flattened upon the couch, Curves of her waggling bottom and my hips, then back between lips, to teasingly taunt her, sliding slowly back and forth, fuelling my lust… making her wait for what I, so really wanted !! 

Leaning over and wrapping my arms round her, my hands fondling hey plump, dangling her breasts, Our eyes locked on each other, relishing lust that we saw. My fingers pinched on those pink, soft crests, when I gave her a hand tweaking, she just grinned,

As she started feeling me begin to move inside her, sliding nearly out, then thrusting back in, i’m so damn wet – she said, your cock will easily glide,..

Grinding my hips, in circular motions, trying to go as deep as she could handle,  She surrendering herself to my emotions, as the molten heat from our core starts to flow, as mutual passions rise ever steeper, meeting our hard thrusts with one of our own, faster and harder, longer and deeper, in a guttural groan, our bodies fluidly moving together, giving in to feelings, closing our eyes, both lost moment and in each other,

Clenching and clasping, that we’re both so near, so easily can tell, and my hands reached down her clit  which was enough to push her over the brink, shaking in euphoric release of need.

She clutched my back, that did deeply sunk, joyous tears running freely down her cheeks, as ecstasy overwhelms the senses, opening her eyes,  she found love there, free from pretences. 

Dragging her back to my arms, for we were both hot and sweaty from our fun… those mingled juices down her thighs trickled. As she rested in my arms pounded, we again became one.

☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆ ♡ Sweetheart ♡


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